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Liberty House is an unincorporated, private association of members working together to build a system of support outside of the system.

This includes social gatherings, food sourcing, supporting self-sufficiency, homeschool support, ministry, skill building and more. 

There are many ways you can give! Please give in any way that inspires you, to help us strengthen our community. Some of our goals include building a resource library (books & digital), a loan closet of tools and appliances, and obtaining a community center for gatherings, workshops, homeschool activities and other community events. Financial donations can help us to reach these goals, but there are many ways you can give to our community!

  • Donate your time and talents to offer skill building workshops! These do not need to be 'expert' level. We simply want to share knowledge and strengthen our members. 

  • Host a gathering or workshop! Welcome members to your home, barn or business. At this time we do not have a large community space, so we are looking to the community to host. If you have the resources, please consider hosting a book club, potluck, bonfire gathering, workshop, homeschool activity, spiritual event, craft or game night, backyard bbq...

  • Plan a fundraising event! 

  • Financial contributions are greatly appreciated. Donation button coming soon, in the meantime please contact us at

  • We are seeking donations for a lending library including books, tools, and appliances. 


Contact us at to contribute!

Thank you for your support! 

Image by Ander Burdain
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