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Order link includes a list of requested items but there are MANY items available to us. If there is something you are looking for, just ask and Amy will add it to form.

We will need to fill order minimums for each item, you may be contacted to see if you are interested in increasing your order to help fill the minimum, or to let you know an item minimum was not met.

All items listed are organic unless otherwise indicated.  

No orders being placed until Fall

*see tabs on form to switch between current and previous months.  

See below for pricing on some commonly ordered items.

LH is not profiting from these orders, we are simply linking members with resources.  In this case, a fellow member allows us to piggy back on her bulk food orders. 

Bulk food item request

Thanks for submitting!

Wild Rice                            5.73 / lb

Penne Rigate Pasta           2.58 / lb

Pistachios, salted               7.47 / lb

Whole Raw Cashews         7.47 / lb

Truly Raw Almonds          10.30 / lb


Chickpeas  (on sale)                   2.00 / lb

Red Lentils                                  1.91 / lb

Black Beans                                 2.41 / lb

Ginger Powder                           0.85 / 8oz

Real Salt                                      8.36 / 26oz pouch

Unsulphered Dried Apricots     5.77 / lb

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