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Liberty House is now accepting applications for membership. 


$65 annual household membership (This helps us cover basic operating expenses)

Membership structure and fees may change as we build and grow depending on community needs.  


Please complete the application for membership. 

If preferred, you can email us for a pdf form to submit via email or in person. 

Once approved you will be contacted with a member agreement to sign and request for payment. When all is completed you will be added to our communications and will gain access to event listings and member resources. 


We are seeking members who wish to be active within Liberty House. This is unlike a gym membership in that we all need to contribute in order to grow and be successful. That contribution looks different for everyone, but all members should have a hand in the success of our community. 

Benefits of membership grow and change over time and are dependent on member input and participation.



See below for a sample of events and member resources. Offerings change regularly, and while we try to update this page frequently, it may not always fully reflect  current offerings. 

New Growth

Application for Membership

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sample event schedule

Image by Umanoide


You fix my house, I fix yours!

Take turns with your fellow members hosting home improvement days.  Got a fence that needs fixing? Walls that need patching? You provide the meals, materials, and a task list, members gather to help get it done. 

Watch for opportunities to help others and get on the list if you would like to be a recipient!

Community Exchange

Exchange skills and services with time as a unit of currency. ​ Earn 'hours' that can be spent within the community!

Image by Nastya Kvokka

Sample resources subject to change

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Grass Fed Beef . Pastured Pork & Lamb . Organic Chicken

By purchasing in bulk, we are currently provided with a discount of 20% from a local farm.  Orders are placed roughly quarterly.



We are able to purchase bulk organic foods and will be putting in orders every 4 weeks.

This is a great way to stock up on food storage, to reduce grocery costs, or to find organic items you may not find locally. 

Image by Luisa Brimble
Image by Josh Appel


One of our advisory board members will be hosting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace course for us so that we can support each other in financial freedom.  Additional cost involved to enroll in Dave Ramsey's program. 

 Dates TBD.

This is a preview page for prospective members to get an idea of what a Liberty House membership looks like. Our offerings grow and change regularly based on member participation, new ideas and opportunities that are presented to us, and funds available. 

* check your email for password. For help contact us at

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