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Liberty House is a Private Membership Association

A community of people and families coming together to support one another, gather freely, and collaborate to create a thriving member community. Liberty House is a spiritual freedom ministry reliant on our faith in nature and nature's god. We believe in certain unalienable rights, that among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Outdoor Event



  • Social events, Potlucks, Festivals

  • Ministry

    • member collaboration to organize speakers, book clubs, bible study, spiritual conversations, healing circles and more​

    • non-denominational

Outdoor Class


Education and Skill Building

  • Homeschool gatherings and resources​ (pending availability - we're still building.)

  • Member collaboration for adult skill building and classes. 

Community Garden

collaborating for 

Preparedness and Self Sufficiency

  • Preparedness classes

  • Collaborating for bulk food purchase and building food storage

  • Seed & seedling swaps 


Farmers Market


Parallel Economy

  • Time Banking community exchange - Members exchange services, using time as a form of currency. 

  • Markets supporting member businesses and alternative currencies.

  • Collaborating with local farms and food sources. 

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